Lucky Lena 12Granny & Grandpy

When my children were young, there were so many cute stories about the interaction of them with little animals while living in the country on a small farm.

At the end of the day, we always had “story time.”  So many of the stories were about something funny that happened that day.  So, we would write the story down and draw pictures to with it.

We had so much fun between a mother and her children. The kids were then anxious to learn how to read.  With so much practice, reading and story telling became natural.

Short Stack

Short Stack is composed of 3 short stories.  One of these stories is Four Little Ducks

  • Inspired by real ducks raised by Granny
  • Granny always had water for the ducks to swim in
  • Baby ducks are so much fun to watch!


Short Stack also contains a short story titled I Get to go to Grandma’s House!  

  • Tisha and Clifton LOVED to go to their Grandma’s house to visit
  • Grandma would color with them and bake cupcakes or cookies
  • The kids loved to dress up and play “pretend.”  They had fantastic imaginations!Short Stack


Short Stack contains the 3rd story titled If Toads Could Jump

  • Lived on “mini” farm where there were many toads
  • Toads and frogs make their own special sounds
  • Fun to watch


Granny’s Critters Color Book

1___Front Cover___Granny's Critters__Coloring Book

Granny’s Critters color book is about 36 pages of real life animal photos and animal sketches to color.  It includes many Bible phrases to accompany the sketch pages.  It has been used by children and the elderly.



13__Lena___Granny's Critters__Coloring Book15___Granny's Critters___Coloring Book2___Inside Front Cover___Granny's Critters__Color Book

25__Granny's Critters___Coloring Book

Granny was inspired to write and illustrate from her personal experiences with these little animals while time was spent on a little “mini” farm and in her later years.